Recent projects realized with our software solutions

  • Dome projection in Baku9 Casio-projectors aligned automatically with WingsVIOSO
  • Festivak UtrechtVIOSO Anystation used for amazing domesetup
  • WinsgVIOSO in Warzaw12 X Stacking & Warping with WingsVIOSO
  • Queensday Mapping (Breda)Projection Mapping with WingsVIOSO

The experts for warping & edge blending software solutions

VIOSO is your perfect partner for dealing with multi-projector setups and mediaserver technology. Our patented and unique camera based autoaligment technology is available in various products.

Do you require softedge blending, geometry warping (spheres, curves, screen, domes) or are you are looking for powerful multidisplay mediaservers? Do you want a surface color correction or project onto any surface ? VIOSO is the vendor of your choice. Explore our sites and let us know your project!



We are well known of our good support. Contact us at +49 (0)211 5447533-0 or write a mail to info@vioso.com We are happy to assist you in every way.

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