Multi-projection made easy

We started 2005 as a startup from the university of Weimar and are now one of the leading providers of automatic digital edge-blending and geometry alignment solutions


We initially created a new and innovative method for the simplified creation of multi projections providing an new approach to automatic soft edge blending, double stacking and warping within minutes.

Since then hundreds of installtions rely on our technology - and we are proud of every single of them. We try to offer outstanding German quality and established international customer offices. We are proud to have customers, distributors and friends all over the world!

The company was initially founded in Weimar and has its main office now with 10 team members in Düsseldorf, Germany.


VIOSO’s patented smartprojecting technology was originally developed for distortion-free, true-color projections onto unusual surfaces like brick walls or rock faces. Creating such a virtual “blank screen” merely requires the automated, one-time calibration with the help of a digital camera connected to the control computer. The projector emits test patterns recorded by the camera. Once this procedure is complete, all projected contents are automatically adjusted on the underlying surface.

Based on this core technology an extremely versatile automatic generation of panoramic projection images is available, ensuring fast and versatile setup and outstanding display quality.


  • Founded in 2007
  • Management: Ben Fritsch & Emanuel Züger
  • Office Duesseldorf
  • Major award: Multimedia company of the year 2008
  • Supported by HTGF and HPV
  • International patents


VIOSO provides both software and hardware technologies that are able to address all types of scalable projected displays.

Worldwide partners

VIOSO products are represented world wide by our dedicated network of value added technical partners who are able to deliver solutions around the globe.

Service for integrators

VIOSO’s technical capabilities extend beyond our product development expertise to deliver a comprehensive range of services to support our integrator partners.